NEW-->Alpha one (retro remake jam)

It's a new version of H.O.P.E,  included new idea (concepts) and better work


I have deleted the end dialogue with the I.A for some problem, and I'ts my last update for now. ( I have a lot of work for university and I haven't the time).

So thanks a lot for the support, and enjoy :D


H.O.P.E(alpha one).zip 19 MB
Sep 19, 2017
H.O.P.E(alpha one) 23 MB
Sep 24, 2017

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In my opinion more of a kind of visual novel (or a RPG stripped off the... RPG elements) this game kept me hooked until the end, which is kind of weird.

Although I think the narrative talent of the author is the main part of it, thing is actually, the soundtrack and the graphics however minimalist and amateur-ish, work well too.

In short this is a good game. Unpretentious but engrossing in its own way.

Thanks a lot for your reply, i agree, the goal of the game is not to be polish but the main is just the story (i'm really bad to draw , glad that I have got my new PC to work in 3D ;D , I'm better in modeling)

So I'm so glad that you have appreciate my game, and just thanks  a lot :D.